Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Our children at The Dhaka Project receive excellent health care from Dr Jahid, who makes his rounds to all campuses every day to see any sick children. The Dhaka Project has a comprehensive program to immunise our children [see Rich’s previous blog re: drug companies!] If a child is very unwell, they may be taken to hospital for an operation, which is very expensive in Bangladesh.
This service and monitoring is excellent for the children of the Dhaka project, and we want to bring the same to the community. The Dhaka Project wants to provide access to health care for people who currently have none.
How? The Dhaka Project Community Clinic! (DPCC)
We have established a physical space in which to provide primary health care to the community. Currently our school doctor Dr Jahid and dentist Dr Amirul are very happy using the space to treat children’s families!
The next, most important step is to involve the community to better understand their health needs and the best way to tackle them. Tomorrow morning we start our meetings between local doctors, parents and community members.
We will soon recruit a dedicated community Doctor who will carry out similar treatment and referral services that Dr Jahid currently provides our children.

Dentist Dr Amirul in the new clinic with his chair and smile
In future we want to immunise all children in the Gawair area, perform minor surgery, safely supervise childbirth, as well as make our medical and fiscal records electronic.

All this has been made possible thanks to you, who help us !

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