Thursday, July 3, 2008


Thank you very much to everybody who has donated clothes to The Dhaka Project !!
On Saturday, Mr Azad, our Dhaka Project School Principal and resident clothing expert, enthusiastically sold over 5000tk worth of clothing to the teachers and staff in a little over an hour!
A big thanks must also go to our Australian volunteers, Patrick, Diana and especially Fiona for sorting through the children's clothes and handing out a new shirt to every child in our schools over that last few days. They were very enthusiastically received and all the children can be seen walking around after school showing off their new attire.
Additionally, we have just opened a Dhaka Project clothing shop selling some of the clothes which have been donated to the wider Gawair community.This shop ensures that local families have access to good quality clothing at affordable prices whilst raising funds for The Dhaka Project at the same time.
The shop has also provided full time employment for a father of three of our Dhaka Project children.

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