Sunday, July 13, 2008


As we have been telling you, we have really had high movement of toys, clothes and shoes, from our mezzanine floor to CBC towards our children and the community at The Dhaka Project.
Our security guards Rajesh and Ali

We have already referred the tremendous work done by our volunteers, in an endless and uncountable number, having written some latest references about them in this blog.
Packing and carrying all these tons of items in suitcases, persistently step by step, many times running garage sales at the same time, demands a lot of work and time investment... (and we are always running against time)... so, being continuoulsy helped by security members Rajesh and Ali when putting all this stuff in cars before mading our way to CBC has been a tremendous relief day after day giving us an important boost, physically and psychologically , to proceeding ahead seeking our goals.
And our security guards are really remarkable; they have been present every single day for more than a year now, always ready to help us in the area under their control, carrying heavy suitcases and bags from our store to the cars so relieving us by transferring hundreds of Kilos from our hands to theirs, saving us many hard and heavy steps, many drops of sweat,... and the result is that we can keep our stamina for much longer.
Thank you to Rajesh and Ali for their continuous and long hard work on behalf of our children and their families, who you have been helping to get warmer through your precious help.

Our garage sale yesterday was worth of 75 Dirhams as usually run by Solange.
Also a great thank you to Solange for dedicating her time to our kids!


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