Sunday, July 27, 2008


The humidity and the heat cause the work in Dhaka to almost unbearable. However, our bodies are getting to be used to this rhythm (if someday it will possible...).
Our daily meals routine starts after we get up at around eight in the morning (local time) with a breakfast in The Dhaka Project canteen, having lunch after at 1 PM or later and as for the dinner it's up to us when and where. Sometimes, we order some food (having more than all types of precaution...) choosing from a very short menu, and all, absolutely all, based on chili.
Lately we have made the option of eating some fruit at night. The streets between our accommodation and The Dhaka Project are overcrowded by street sellers, small shops and small places to eat which they claim to be restaurants.
We have bought a kind of bread, cooked under our sight made of flour and boiled oil, sometimes in ovens, other times in oval shaped pans on the flames. Due to my academic skills and professional experience I've been asked to help a local Dhaka Project member - Babu - in establishing procedures and sending reports of almost all activities at The Dhaka Project such as the Micro-Finance, the basic products' shop, the cloths' shop and the sewing centre.
As for Cristiana, due to her past in this project, she has been asked to cooperate with the local accountant manager - Munna - so implementing the necessary procedures to adequate the accountability to The Dhaka Project's needs.
Meanwhile, and specially in the mornings, we visit the nursery and the preschool. We have spent hours in the nursery and this dedicated time is is being reflected either in the kids or in us. There are kids who already know our names, spending their time holding us, playing or simply enjoying our lap. Being us sweating and tired, they manage to grasp us in very small spaces of our body, and when we leave the nursery we feel really rewarded by knowing that this trip is achieving all our expectations to that level.
Added to that, we try to understand which students are absent and why they are absent, at the same time that we count the presences and try to know about their families and their brothers/sisters. In The Dhaka Project, there are kids from the same family in the nursery, in the preschool and still in the school what makes it easy to know, for example, why a baby is not in the nursery or the older kid is absent from school.
Also, Cristiana is trying to take pictures of all the kids (ID type) aiming to build an updated database file containing data related with the kids in the nursery, the preschool and the schools. So, The Dhaka Project will have files with names and photos and some other useful details in its archive.

...directly from The DHAKA Project,

Pedro and Cristiana

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