Monday, July 28, 2008

Kids' Hygiene Class

The students under The Dhaka Project come from a different living conditions and society. And they know very little about hygiene let alone that the fact their parents have no idea of how to keep their kids healthy.

It was necessary to create awareness among the kids. So the TDP Health Care team arranged a programme to teach the kids of all age group about personal hygiene on the last Thursday of every month. The first session included few important points like, to wash hand with soap before having food and after coming from toilet, to drink boiled water, to brush your teeth twice daily. The team explained the kids with cartoons, placards and different drawings why they should cut their nails regularly, why to wear clean clothes and why they should have a regular bath.The second session consisted of more points emphasizing how to cross the road, not to play with street dogs and not to take open food.

The programme ended with kids laughing and shouting the rhymes they learned during the sessions.

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