Saturday, July 19, 2008


Since my last “blog” things have changed a lot in the office. The newly introduced staff structure seems to have motivated everyone and after spending four days in Nepal the change is really evident. Faria, our counselor suggested that she should run, along with the new female doctor Fatema, a session educating young girls about menstruation and puberty. It seems that this has been a topic attracting much stigma and many of the girls have been scared or confused. Dr Fatema and Faria conducted the session and it was incredibly rewarding sitting at the back of the EK library watching forty or so enthralled girls who, after the session, had enough confidence to stand up and ask questions in front of the group. Not only will this encourage the girls to contact Faria or the medical centre if they have any problems or worries, but it will facilitate important discussion between the girls and maybe even younger girls to dispel some of the mystery surrounding menstruation. With the house rent situation under control Faria now has more time to concentrate on her role as a counselor and she’s doing a great job.

Korvi took us out to see Jaago, the “sister” school to the Dhaka Projects schools near Dhanmondi. It was really inspiring to see young, educated Bangladeshi students giving their time after work and study to provide education for kids in slum areas. Jaago is in its early stages in comparison to the Dhaka Project but it is evident that it has much insight and energy behind it; it has such potential to change the lives of many children. The kids at Jaago are so lucky to have teachers who have perfect English and are university educated. Marcelo, an Emirates Pilot had helped to raise funds in Dubai to provide the school with chairs, desks and computers and it was great to see how money raised for the project is implemented.

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