Sunday, July 27, 2008


This is a time for holidays.
And of course most of our volunteers are enjoying their deserved holidays.
But,... not all !
We have been carrying lots of donations to Dhaka as far as it have been possible, managing to get some control on the tidiness in our mezzanine store and in a few days everything turned to its usual state; lots of donations to be packed, sorted... or prepared for sale. A sure sign that the kind donators from Dubai have been very active too.
Before last garage sale Maria and Fernanda from Brazilian Community got through the storage room and felt stunned when they opened the door. They spent four hours to get some control back and to prepare things for the following day.
After getting back home, the Founder herself, decided to empty all drawers and donate all her not used things to garage sale :)
And then, on last Friday they have run two garage sales, one in the mezzanine floor having achieved the amount of 1005 Dirhams ; in the same day Luiz and Maria have gone the the staff accommodation in Al Quoz where they made more 215 Dirhams, sweat Dirhams, once this has been performed under a terrible heat !
Thanks to the donators keeping with us !
And a big THANK YOU to Maria, Fernanda and Luiz, who keep working for our slum dwellers kids, seeking a brighter future to their lives !!!

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