Monday, July 21, 2008


After moving the shelves and the books over from TDP Primary School, EK now has a new library!

Along with the hundreds of donated books, we've supplied some mats and cushions for the kids to relax on while reading - a nice atmosphere is important so you can concentrate on your novel! Reading is crucial to develop good language skills and with this addition EK will really help the kids develop quickly. The majority of these books were donated - Thank You!

But it doesn't stop there.... EK has also moved it's computer room to the more spacious 207, meaning more kids can be introduced to computers and start developing the skills that will be so important in their future jobs. We've labeled the computers "Boys' Computers" and "Girls' Computers" - that stops the girls being pushed off the machines and means everyone has an equal opportunity to learn.

If you would like to sponsor either the library or the computer room, feel free to contact us at

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