Thursday, July 17, 2008


It was our 3rd Birthday a few days ago and along with a cultural programme and a Birthday cake with the kids we decided to have a football match... in the school field... which is currently one very big puddle of mud!

The stage was set for a titanic clash between the administration staff and the teachers. It wasn’t looking good for the teachers with players such as the brutish Nayan (Maintenance) and the powerful Mir (Health Operations) as opposition players. However, the teachers had the agile skills of Osman Bashar (Maths) and Firoz (Head of Education) to back them up.

The game kicked off with a crowd of a couple hundred Dhaka Project school-kids and it wasn’t long before everyone was covered in the gooey mud. Most people took a fall or two, Mr Azad (Principal TDP) loved being the goalkeeper and had to swim through the mud a couple of times to make a save.

The administration took the lead 20 minutes in, then a goal from the teachers 10 minutes later made it 1-1. It was all very tense and everyone was getting used to the tricky conditions. Then, suddenly, a goal from halfway! The admin staff lead 2-1 after the goalkeeper struggles helplessly in the mud.

And that’s the way it ended, a 2-1 victory for administration over the teachers. Everyone had fun, the kids loved watching their staff fall about in the mud and apparently a re-match is already being organised for next year!

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