Saturday, July 19, 2008


The second parents meeting at The Dhaka Project consisted of more issues.
Firstly, the parents did not have a clear idea about the Food For Thought Programme.
Babu, who is operating the program, explained the idea to the parents, who were worried about the discount but he has given them the calculation
in a easier way to make them understand.
Secondly, our Family Counselor talked with them about the problem of house rent.
A new criteria is set to differentiate between the families needing the rent and families who are not so poor. Faria explained the whole criteria to the parents.
Thirdly, Mr Azad, our Community Chief, made a procedure of HELP LINE.
Parents were feeling defenseless during weekly holidays not knowing how to take their children to Hospitals in case of an emergency ; now they can call our health clinic manager and family counselor to quickly attend a casualty easing their problems a little.
Their questions were encouraged to pop out their problems.

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