Monday, June 23, 2008


The Adult Development is growing big in operation at the moment in The Dhaka Project. It’s open to the whole community. Anyone who wants to learn English or computing can sign in and start learning. The Emirates Airline Foundation School is kept open at night where the community members, largely from the parents can come and learn English and computer skills.

The staff members are given English classes on a regular basis.
The staff members of the organization are given English classes every day.
They are progressing every day and impressively they have started a club called, ‘‘English Language Club”, where they come in the evening and learn by interacting within themselves. The brilliant students help the weak ones to learn. This gives them the ownership of learning and they take pride in the fact they are helping in developing each other.
The cleaners, rickshaw pullers, cooks and the security guards, everyone take part in the class enthusiastically.

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