Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Rawsonara is a Bangladeshi lady, 25 years old, and got burnt by an electric shock.

She has been admitted in The Dhaka Medical College - Burnt Unit, 2 months ago.
The doctor said that without surgery there wouldn't be any hope for her life, but her husband and her family are so poor that they couldn't afford the expenses with an operation and the necessary medication after the operation, so she was still waiting...

On 26th May, Maria went to visit Shikha ( the girl who was severely burnt in a cooking fire that hit her sari, and whoose expenses have been paid by The Dhaka Project as well as all assistance given to her, i.e. food, company...) and Rawsonara's mother told her about the tragic story of her daughter . Maria, immediately donated 10,000 Taka (145 USD) so that she could have medical assistance.

On 2nd June she had a successful operation.

Thanks to The Dhaka Project! Thanks to all who help us !

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