Monday, June 30, 2008


Long time no write! Well, to get you up to date… I am currently, organizing the EK teacher’s textbooks and teaching aids, (still!) organizing the library, giving lessons to future English teachers and adults from outside of Dhaka as well as planning a teacher’s day a week into term. Don’t worry, I’ve still had time to enjoy the nice weather we’re having at the moment :)

I want the teacher’s day to have a big impact – there’s a lot of things that need to be changed. For example; lessons will be extended to 1 hour to give enough time for the teachers to develop ideas; ‘extra-curricular’ activities such as art or drama will now be incorporated into class time; the school will get proper discipline and reward structures and I.T classes are being started. However, the most important part will be a continuation of Elizabeth’s class a few weeks ago – a more active approach to teaching and concentrating on improving techniques. So, I’ll be looking at teaching aids and important teaching processes. As I’ve said before – EK school has the potential to churn out one excellent student after another, it just needs a little time and effort.

Otherwise, there has been some excellent news concerning a couple of my adult students – they’ve got jobs in Dubai! (This is in addition to Nurul a few weeks ago). I can’t claim much credit for their employment (interviews organized by Kate!) but I hope me teaching them “I am honest, reliable, hard-working and I want to improve my English… etc… etc” helped. Undoubtedly this will completely change their lives. A lesson today on the internet looking up photos of Dubai gave them something to look forward to….

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