Monday, June 30, 2008


A picture says a thousand words!

What can we learn from this photo of Rokeya's house???

You will be surprised to know that Rokeya, her husband and 3 children spend the long nights in a 'room' where the floor size is smaller than that of modern toilets.

The landlord calls it a 'room' with just enough shade so that rain water doesn't come through and to dump all her necessary things.

I think many of us won't believe in the fact that if we walk 300 meters from The Dhaka Project Office we will be able to see muddy houses with tin shades. But it’s true. The rain water moves up to the surface and makes it really muddy inside the house.

Rokeya has three children; Sujon and Sumon studying in Grade 4 and Grade 1 respectively in TDP School and Mustakim a nursery student also under TDP. Her husband is suffering from bone problems and currently doesn't have a job.

And as this family didn’t have enough money to pay the house rent they had to sell their beds and furniture. She has even borrowed money over interest to carry out the household expenses.
Their previous landlord kicked them out without any notice and they had spent a whole night at the station with these three kids. Rokeya then moved to her 'new' house, as you can see in the photo above, paying a rent of 700 TK (~37.5 AED, 10.25 USD, ~7 EUR) for it.

Our team member Jewel had to walk through a knee level water to visit Rokeya’s house, and he checked how they are living in so poor conditions.

Now she needs money to feed her children because she has no income.

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