Monday, June 9, 2008


Nurul Islam, who is an Office Assistant of The Dhaka Project, is going to Dubai within 3 weeks.
He will work there for Emirates Airline as an Office Assistant, earning a handsome salary with free accommodation.
But 2 years ago his life was not so smooth. He lives with his wife Hamida ( who works as a beautician at The Dhaka Project ) in a slum area named Korail, in Dhaka-Bangladesh, and used to sell fish or to work as a carpenter for his survival. And many times they had to pick grains of rice, one by one, at the local market.
Their life was so miserable! Both of them didn't know how to read or how to write.
Maria took them to The Dhaka Project, provided them a house, English classes, trained Hamida as a beautician and Nurul as a skilled car driver and also as an office assistant.
On 04-06-08, Scott Williams from Emirates HR took his interview at The Dhaka Project and confirmed his job in Dubai.
Without you nothing would have been achieved!
Thanks to all who help The Dhaka Project !!!

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