Monday, June 16, 2008


Concerning to keeping children out of trouble so that they can study without anything upsetting them, The Dhaka Project looks after some handicaped families or, some parents who unexpectedly get in danger due to a sudden fall in their health condition.

In this context, we helped one more element of a family, one of our EK College student's father, Lal Miah.

After going to see the doctor, Lal Miah has been diagnosed the existence of a tumour under his left armpit, having the doctor said that he should have a surgery...

So, Lal Miah have fell in the usual dilemma of a day labour worker; he couldn't afford such an operation, whose cost would be 7,000 Taka (approx. 102 USD).

And as a result, The Dhaka Project had to decide either paying his treatment or letting him to his own luck!

Of course there could be only one decision - not letting him die because of the lack of money. We paid the total amount for his surgery and treatment.

Lal Miah is one more Bangladeshi feeling in deep gratitude to The Dhaka Project and to all who help us.

Thank you !

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