Thursday, June 19, 2008


Sponsoring Shohag and making a donation...
This strong feeling of solidarity comes from Jo Perret.
Jo has been managing to come along to stay for a few days as a volunteer in Dhaka, but it isn't possible due to personal problems.
So she decided to donate her flight tickets' money on behalf of the kids of The Dhaka Project. This wonderful donation will be a helpful gift that is going straight to medicine.
But there is more...
Also It's Jo Perret who is going to sponsor Shohag, the boy who has got alone after his brother-in-law's death in a recent accident, and who we pleaded for a sponsor to, in the first days of June. This represents a valuable gift, that relieves the Project and from it Shohag learns that spite of having no local family helping him to be whatever it be, there is a good hearted human being from the overseas who cares and feels keen on keeping him studying fully concentrated towards his goal.
We wish this to be a much rewarding relationship along the time.
Thanks a lot to Jo Perret on behalf of The Dhaka Project Kids and Shohag in particular, with our best wishes.

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