Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Nurul Islam, father of Pranto who is one of our students at The Dhaka Project had a severe Brain Hemorrhage and has been admitted in a private hospital.
The right side of his body was totally paralyzed. He wasn't able to walk or even able to speak.
The doctor prescribed him the needed medication but this and hospital costs were so expensive that his family couldn't afford all the huge expenses [to have an idea, you should keep in mind that 3,000 TK (~43 USD) per month is a good salary in Dhaka]; and the total cost to cure Nurul was 37.000 TK (537 USD), a sum completely out of reach for poor slums' dwellers.

So the chance was asking for help from The Dhaka Project who payed the hospital fees and provided the necessary medication.
Nurul Islam is much grateful to The Dhaka Project, and we would like to address this gratitude to all who really form The Dhaka Project providing us the means to help; donours, volunteers in Dhaka or any other place of the world, friends who help us in anyway; THANK YOU !!!

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