Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Bilkis, a young girl only 13 years old has been forced to be married by her parents (as we explained in a recent post).
She was told by her parents that they were going to a village to visit their relatives. The poor girl broke in tears as she was telling what she had been through.
Her father simply left her back in the village with her husband, where she has been tortured by her mother in law and her husband's sister.Monir Hossain, her husband, who is also her cousin, works in a shoe factory.
He is not educated; naturally he does not really appreciate the value of education.
And the girl was sinking in frustration because all her dreams, developed in her mind while she was attending the school at The Dhaka Project, were dying.
The team had to toil a lot to trace her whereabouts and to convince her husband to allow her to go back to school.
She used to be the best student in her class. But the poor girl has gone through an unbearable mental trauma, and this has shattered her confidence.
Now she feels she has lost everything. The teachers are trying their best to comfort and help her to regain the confidence.
We don't want any of our young girls to suffer the same fate.
We opened a girls hostel where the teenage girls will be accommodated and will have their own space to study and grow up with all their potential materialized. But the available accommodation doesn't have room for all the young girls.
There are many applicants in the queue for a place in hostels.
We need help to open new hostels.

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