Thursday, June 26, 2008


Unfortunately we had a terrible loss among our kids.

Our community is now praying for Jobier and his family as his life was so sadly cut short yesterday.

Our team is making sure they do whatever is possible for his family - the Project Director's say is "treat the TDP family as you would treat your own", providing support and assistance to all whom are deeply affected by this tragedy.

He went to the village with his mother for the wedding ceremony of one of his relatives and as he prepared to wash in the river, he slipped down and drowned.

The innocent Jobier was born on 14th June, 2004, (4 years and 10 days) and he was son of Akbor Ali (Export Labour) and Khokeja Begum (one of our ex-Sewing Trainees). He was the only son his parents had. He had two sisters, one of them adopted by her uncle and another living with the family. His father lives in Kuwait.

Jobier attended The Dhaka Project nursery, he was a bright and hopeful boy with a gift for English (even at an early age) and a love of singing. He had a rare ability to be alone and to enjoy his own thoughts, yet he was also friendly and well liked by all within the nursery. Jobier's dream was to be a Pilot one day and showed great interest in all things Aero-related.

We wish to express our condolences to his family for their beloved child's sorrowful loss.

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Anonymous said...

Jobier : a big kiss to You.Now,my dear boy,You can fly!

God,or Your´s God: you went from water to the early!
Protect Your´s Mother and Father.