Sunday, June 8, 2008


The Dhaka Project's role concerning to families has been called on once again!
Mohammad Ali, father of a girl who is one of our students at EK College, after doing an X-ray, has been told by the doctor that he had a stone in his gallbladder, and advising him to do a surgery to remove it.
A surgery?! Afforded by a poor man recently rescued from the slums of Dhaka? How would it be possible?
So the chance was coming to The Dhaka Project and ask for help, that sent him to a private hospital to do the operation.
The operation took place on 5th June and its cost was 30,000 Taka (435 USD). And it was a successful surgery.
Mohammad is very grateful to The Dhaka Project,... i.e., to those who help the Project with their donations, volunteer work, to the team and staff,... who make this mission possible.
He is very GRATEFUL TO YOU !!!

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