Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Two weeks ago I arrived from Australia not quite knowing what to expect from The Dhaka Project. What I arrived to find was an amazing organization full of inspiration people! I think the thing that strikes you first is just how far Maria and her team have brought this project in less than three years!

I plan to spend four months working within The Dhaka Project. During my time, I will be predominantly involved in the Adult Development Programme. My work in this Programme has many strings to it. For example, currently, I am involved implementing a microcredit initiative aimed at ensuring that the parents of our children have every chance to improve their life by giving them the small amount of capital required to start their own business.

To date, I have also been involved in setting up a project aimed at assisting our families to cope with the pressing issue of rising food price in this country. Like elsewhere in the world, food prices in Bangladesh have risen dramatically in recent months and, by providing some subsidized staples to The Dhaka Project families, it is hoped that the 'Food for Thought' programme will ensure that our children will be provided with nutritious meals every day. As part of this programme we are just about to open a Dhaka Project grocery store!

In my short time here, I have also been fortunate enough to visit some rural villages in Pubna, an area the north of the country. The amazing reception I received and hospitality offered at every stop throughout the day is something that will stay with me for a very long time to come.

Although I have only been here for two short weeks, I can honestly say that I already feel a strong bond with this country and it's incredible people and I very much look forward to the adventures of my next four months !!

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