Sunday, June 8, 2008


... these people who have already been volunteers in Bangladesh for The Dhaka Project and are regular donators towards our children!
Pat Shaw
from Dubai for this donation of 5,000 AED.
Laura Konrad from Dubai donated us 1400 AED.
Dr. Nomy from Dubai offered more 2100 AED.
Anonymous donour who left 100 AED in Maria's mailbox.
Most of these donours are old friends of The Dhaka Project. Yet it may happen the unknown donour to be an old friend; it's not the first time we get anonymous donations in Maria's mailbox !!!
For all, there is no need to say that their donations will make a huge difference for the kids; all are conscious about where they are donating to.
Thank you to all once again for helping us achieving our goals; every Dirahm is precious for our cause to be won !!

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