Saturday, June 28, 2008


Maria's dream of opening a Dhaka Project Girls Hostel has finally come to fruition.
The Hostel opened on 26th of June and now provides accommodation for 28 girls, aged between 12-14 years, from our Dhaka Project schools. The girls will be cared for by two Dhaka Project grandmothers who will also be provided with food and accommodation as part of the project. It has also provided employment for a father of four of our Dhaka Project children as a security guard for the building.

On Thursday afternoon, the girls all arrived at The Dhaka Project school with their bags packed for one last briefing by our Project Officer, Nayan.

They then received a very warm welcome to the Hostel from many of our Dhaka Project staff and were able to see for the first time their rooms and to mix with their new room mates.

The initial work started on the Girls Hostel in late May. After securing a lease on the building, there was a lot of work which needed to be done to produce a safe and fun environment for the girls.

Nayan has worked tirelessly on this project with the help of two long time Dhaka Project supporters, Ruth and Luiz and the three flats now look fantastic!

The Dhaka Project's Girls Hostel will relieve the financial pressure on the families of these 28 girls, provide the girls with a safe and happy environment in which to grow up and learn and will help to protect them from threats such as illegal underage marriages. The girls are overjoyed with the opportunity to be part of this project and all seem to be settling in very well.

A big thank you to all who have helped on the project especially Nayan, Ruth & Luiz.


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