Thursday, June 26, 2008


The Dhaka Project's Micro-Credit programme gave its first loan to Shafiqul Islam (on the left) and his wife today. He didn't like to work hard earlier :) but he had some brilliant ideas in his mind.

Shafiqul came to The Dhaka Project where he had a meeting with Babu (Manager, Micro-Credit), and suggested his idea of running a carpentry shop. Babu went through the whole plan and after checking its feasibility The Dhaka Project gave him a shop and 5,000 TK in cash at 1% monthly interest to run the shop.

The Dhaka Project will also bear the shop rent for the next three months for Shafiqul so that he can settle down with the newly started business. This family belongs to the group of the families supported by The Dhaka Project.

Let's hope that Shafiqul can make his dream come true.

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