Monday, June 23, 2008


Emirates pilot, First Officer Manoel and his wife Solange , together with their army of volunteers...
Nicolau , Raquel, Malika-Mad Piñeiro, Laco, Fernanda Laco, Maria Lucia, Diego Ribas, Katia Piragibe, Luiz Ogg, Marcelo, Solange Fortuna, Edna Haime, Natália, Beza (Mad Degow), Renata Vonkouh, Deyse Correia and Patricia Quartin have been staunch volunteers of The Dhaka Project.
They have selflessly put aside their free time to support and help out in so many different and physically taxing ways. Here are some of the things the volunteers above have done for The Dhaka Project:
  • physically run around Dubai to collect donated used clothes, books, toys etc from donors in Dubai.
  • spending numerous hours packing donated items into suitcase lots and cartons for dispatch to Dhaka.
  • organised regular garage sales of donated items to raise funds for The Dhaka Project.
  • distributed advertising leaflets to residences publicising garage sale events.
  • regular visits to the bank to deposit money raised from garage sales.
  • mobilised help from other like-minded volunteers as and when needed.
  • personal financial donations towards the project.
  • driving backforwards to the airport to despach donations to Dhaka.
All of the above activities initiated by First Officer Luiz Ogg strenuous and extremely time-consuming as they were, were followed through from start to finish thus freeing me to focus on my flying job.

The support and presence of Luiz Ogg and Solange have demonstrated a level of volunteerism way beyond my expectations, and giving me the liberty and peace of mind to concentrate on my Emirates .
Last month, the above volunteers have fundraised almost 20000 dirhams for The Dhaka Project through garage sales of donated items under 42 degrees heat. The money collected will be used to defray the high cost of food in Dhaka. Food prices have recently spiralled astronomically and feeding 700 children has added challenges of unexpected proportions that I have had to confront.
Thank you all for your golden heart!

Maria Conceicao
Founder, The Dhaka Project

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