Saturday, June 7, 2008


A new initiative to help us has turned up from Marcelo Taborda from Dubai.
He invited the members/families of a Yahoo Group of which he is a member too, ( to take part in a barbecue at his home in Jumeirah - (Dubai); a home prepared barbecue!!!
This social event represents an important means to people meeting and partying together reinforcing their friendship ties and creating others and above all is a nice and kind way for all participants to help The Dhaka Project, come from good willing people, who feel social responsibility relatively to the poorest, once all the remaining funds raised after paying expenses, will be sent to help the Project.
What would happen if this world had millions of people keen on doing these special events on behalf of the poor?

Thank you to Marcelo and to his closer friends who have this in mind; people like them are stars who though having a regular life don't forget those who live in appalling poverty, instead live concerned about them.
Folks at the Project feel grateful for this gesture.

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