Wednesday, June 25, 2008


It all started on 3rd June...

Nayan, Jewel and Lois made the initial steps in setting up a new clothes shop in Gawair - it is expected to be open in a few days. Nayan especially worked hard and faced many problems like bad weather conditions that he had to overcome to complete his job.

We've had a lot of volunteers come in and help us as well -
Kristy, Kate, Rufus and Richard have worked very hard to make this happen.

As you can see the interior is a funky blue and within you can find sections for babies and adults of both genders (and a few designer clothes for good measure!).

Now Babu is interviewing applicants to appoint a salesman.

We've been working as hard as possible to get it open asap and add a new income to the project towards sustainability.

Thank you to all who have dedicated their efforts to set it up!!

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