Thursday, June 26, 2008


Shah Alam is a student of Class-IV at The Dhaka Project. He has two brothers and one sister.
Previously his elder brother was studying in a local school but it seemed that his education had a very thin chance to continue because his father is suffering from physical problems like paralysis due to a tumour in one of his legs.
When his father works for 4 days then he will have to rest for the next three days because he can’t bear the pressure for longer, so he couldn’t pay the tuition fees for Shah's elder brother and as a result he had problems in passing the final exams.
His mother took loans from many people to run their house which made their life miserable as time went on.
Shah Alam’s Family
The common problem of house renting is also adding a trauma to their life. Ultimately his mother had to come down to fight for a job; this small kid of class-IV asked The Dhaka Project team if they can provide a job to his mother so they can at least have the basic needs. The team gave her a post as a cleaner at the Community Clinic and she is starting tomorrow. She will have training on hygiene, which will be provided by the The Dhaka Project.
It’s not the first time we help families and will continue until all families become independent.

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