Sunday, June 15, 2008


Today I was invited to join my Bangladeshi friends in a charity 5-a-side soccer competition. It was organised by a local club in Dhaka, the Amazon club, and was open to any male team. My friends had entered us to represent us, The Dhaka Project.

There were 8 teams divided into two pools. We, The Dhaka Project, were unfortunate to draw 3 teams of extremely high quality. We were only able to manage one draw (against the eventual runner ups) and lost the other two games in close score lines.

It was an absolutely fantastic day, and the eventual winners of the competition were representing Amader Pathshala, a newly formed school in Mirpur that was schooling kids of the slums, much like we at The Dhaka Project are. Whilst the winners took away prize money of 25,000tk and 15,000tk respectively, our The Dhaka Project team won 10,000tk prize randomly drawn for all non prize-winning teams.

I would like to extend my congratulations out to the Amader Pathshala team who were the most deserving victors and also to my team for choosing to represent The Dhaka Project.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Richard,

Thanks for your congratulations again and for mentioning and linking us on your blog. FYI we put your Project as well as a link on our blog.