Sunday, June 22, 2008


Daniel Jhoolun is a young man of 9 who lives in Dubai and recently celebrated his anniversary.
Such as his family, Daniel already feels touched by solidarity spite of being so young.
In fact, Alain Jhoolun, his father, who is a Captain with Emirates, got in touch to tell us about his son's decision; instead of receiving his anniversary presents and having the pleasure of unwrapping them, he asked his friends to donate some money on behalf of The Dhaka Project!

Daniel in his birthday party with his friends.
Yet about his family, they are usual donours of items' donations, who regularly leave them at our drop-off point in Sheikh Zaed Road-Blue Building.
Daniel has collected a sum of 860 Dirhams feeling now anxious to hand it over towards the project's children...

Daniel Jhoolun.
We would like to express our gratitude to Daniel and his family for their kindness, on behalf of our children and their families at The Dhaka Project.
Thank you very much !!!

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