Friday, November 14, 2008


Yesterday we had one more "LET'S CLEAN BANGLADESH" day, a weekly cleaning day that teaches social responsibility to the children.
This work takes place very often and is done by our kids and teachers who are randomly appointed within each class but not repeating the task in consecutive weeks.
Two teachers with Mr Azad and Mr Shimul from the administration team took part in this week session.
Usually these cleaning operations extend to the community roads, avoiding busy roads as the kids are small so we have to keep them safe.
Both last two Thursdays, the community gave their support to these actions; they felt really happy for seeing their kids doing social work.
And yesterday the children made a special poster to better announce their program to those who are helping them.
It's a different way of saying "thank you, with your support we are doing our bit to be healthier ! ".

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