Saturday, November 22, 2008


Jackie McFarlane, 7DAYS and Allied Pickfords, were the three donors who made this huge donation possible!
Normally all donations have a background history. However we can't manage to show it simply because donors don't tell us about all stages and consequently the donation appears as an easy thing, though we know that it's not that simple.
But in this case we could monitor most steps performed by the fundraiser, Jackie McFarlane. She fundraised 15 boxes of children's clothes, toys and baby equipment as well as an easel and a swing towards The Dhaka Project!
Having contacted us and checking that we are lacking means to collect the donations she asked for directions about our drop-off point and not having the huge means required to carry so many donations she took action... and asked for help from a great friend of us; the 7DAYS ! And with their usual kindness, they published (see here) her appeal in the letters section, a second donation to us, a precious gift...
The same 7DAYS (here there is how Jackie says thank you to 7days) who along years time have published news, appeals and warnings concerned to The Dhaka Project, being a precious mate in our fight on behalf of tens initially, later hundreds of children and around the project in Gawair community
This one more donation from 7days gave excellent results!
And soon she had an answer to complete her task. The third and powerful donation came from Allied Pickfords a company specialized in household moves. These people at Allied Pickfords simply sent a powerful lorry and a few men in rescue of Jackie and all on behalf of The Dhaka Project packed the 15 boxes and other items, and collected them and took care of the delivery at our drop-off point.
What a splendid combination of steps that made we feel thrilled !
A huge and heartful thank you to Jackie McFarlane, to 7days and to Allied Pickfords for the passionate involvement in this task, on behalf of the children under the care of The Dhaka Project !!!

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