Wednesday, November 5, 2008


And here are our kids, come from Germany where they have been representing The Dhaka Project Schools at the International Schools Festival, thanks to the kindness of 'HELP'.
in Dubai in the first minutes on 4th Nov, as the night finished, they started moving according to the plan previously prepared by Maria and the Dubai volunteers.The have been to our English School Presentation then they met Nurul Islam in Emirates Headquarters, visited Jimmy Kotwal from Emirates Foundation, then went to meet Dr. Nomy and a few nurses from EK Clinic.
And it was lunch time. They had lunch in Chilis, sponsored by De Sousa Family and Alex Alexander having met The Lucky Stars (Rachel, Ryan and Kirsten De Sousa) all big supporters of TDP, Uschi and her children 2 of them have recently donated their birthday presents to TDP children, Tanvir Shah who supports TDP specially by running in marathons worldwide, Tony French the videographer who produces amazing video presentations of TDP, records lots of DVDs,...They have been interviewed by Khalej Times whose article is already on-line and also linked in the side bar and went to the beach for a while and then  had dinner with Jane Gammage her daughter Kim and her son Mattew .
Today was an amazing presentation, the children were true ambassadors of their country in Dubai. In the School, Mr John, the Principal welcomed the children with so much caring. I got emotional for the good response of their pupils... some of them emptied their pockets donating possibly the money needed to buy their snacks for the day at schools , kids donated 50 dirhams and Laxmi, a teacher donated 50 dirhams.Tony French donated 400 dirhams to the children, 100 dirhams to each of them to buy any souvenirs to take back to Dhaka ,
De Sousa Family donated 200 dirhams and Alex donated another 200 dirhams towards their lunch in Chilis.
MarceloTaborda was a super, super star; although he had recently an operation he drove the kids from one side of town to the other.
Solange, our guard angel worked in the store from 9 in the morning to 6 PM having done a wonderful job helping find clothes to the kids for the next days. Sharon did a great job helping collecting clothes on the range of the kids' age . The children were exhausted after lunch but once they arrived in the beach they enjoyed it so much.
Mike Holland sponsored the kids' tickets to the beach park and Nurl joined them for some fun.
Later Jane Gammage invited the kids to enjoy Ski Dubai offering them the access tickets. And all had a lot of excitement having enjoyed it so much !
A big thank you to all for their dedication on this wonderful day !!!
Maria Conceicao

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