Wednesday, November 26, 2008


From Dhaka Team in the field.
Mr Mohammad Alkhaja
, The Vice President of Emirates Foudation, Mr Keith Longstaff and Mr. Hanif Zakaria, Area Manager, Bangladesh visited The Dhaka Project on 23rd November.The Project Director, Korvi Rakshand , took them to a tour around the whole project. Due to shortage of time they could not visit all the sections of the project. After looking into the Main Office and TDP School of the project they didn't waste anytime to move towards the Emirates Foundation College.
Mr. Alkhaja talked with the Principals about the student's performance and ability to grab the Cambridge Curriculum. He was surprised to see the fluency in English of the students.
In addition to that Mr Hanif took the honor to introduce Mosharof to the rest of the visitors mentioning about their trip to Germany to attend the International Student's Festival. After taking photos with kids of different classes they moved to the Day Care and Nursery.
The Project Director explained the daily routine of the kids, activities and how we approach these young kids to give them basic knowledge of phonetics.
The tour ended in the Sewing Center, where the parents of our kids work and get trained. Mr Alkhaja talked with Korvi about the future prospects of the section.
Mr. Al Khaja was so impressed that he mentioned about increasing the amount of the donation for these underprivileged children and to Make A Difference in their lives.

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