Thursday, November 27, 2008


In his recent and still running fundraising action by selling loss proof ID Cards, Captain Guy Brownlee approached a colleague, Captain Barry Otto, who refused immediately to cooperate...
But when Barry got to know that a portion of the profit would go to The Dhaka Project, and that a kilogram of rice costs 2 AED in Dhaka and yet that Maria had already been informed about this inittiative, his heart melted down, and he became super active towards this goal, and made an unexpected and immediate donation... 500 Dirhams towards the next rice purchase.
Moreover, Barry has been acting a as postman in rescue of Guy putting the cards in boxes and other kind of help... he showed the huge humanitarian spirit inside him !
So Barry is an encouragement source not only for Guy but also for all of us who are in this track.
Not forgetting all who have already got involved in this inittiative, specially Guy Brownlee, we wish to express a tremendous thank you to Captain Barry Otto for his so evident humanitarian side, on behalf of The Dhaka Project kids.

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