Monday, November 3, 2008


Thanks to Mercy, for having shown her 'mercy' to our children, and the way she got sensible to the work done at The Dhaka Project, trying to break the cycle of poverty in Bangladesh.
Mercy is a flight attendant who works with Cather Airways and she has visited us a few days ago.
Mercy signing the Vitors Book
During her visited she got so impressed by what she could witness, the differences she observed in and out of the Project, that she immediately decided to donate 100 EUR for the kids.
Mercy handing her donation
This donation is addressed to buy exercise copies for the kids... surely visioning their improvement towards a brighter future life, free of the appalling poverty she observed around.
We wish to show our gratitute to Mercy for her sudden and kind gesture towards the noble cause of helping the children, and on behalf of them !

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