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Observation TDP
After reading Christiana's blog and communicating with her I thought it might be wise to use my sense organs to observe daily live at TDP.
I didn't go looking around for mistakes or make extra time to observe everything.
I just looked and felt, talked and listened.
Me as a volunteer, I felt I didn't have any authority to check everyone and everything. I wouldn't even feel comfortable doing this.
So the following are just my interpretations and suggestions. By no means

Standard II e
Extra classes
I would start extra classes for those students who are weak. Instead of ECA (extra curriculum activities) I would send those students twice a week to extra classes in Maths and/or English.
I encoutered students in class V who couldn't do simple multiplications and henceforth no divisions.
Students in class III who were struggling with the alfabet or with simple English vocabulary.
Standard III b

Punishment of children
If children behave bad action must be taken. Believe me, these children are not the easiest to handle. They are raised without any limitations like, be careful, behave yourself, that's dangerous...
If they are lazy or not attentive you have to stimulate them.
Maybe they are not attentive because they don't know the matter been thaught.
I put them outside the classroom or separate in class explaining why.
Going from door to door showing they behave bad or put them outside with a paper saying they didn't learn their lesson or put children under the table are no optimum ways of punishing children.
You scare them or ridicule them in this way.
This is my opinion, I have no experience in this or in Bengali culture.

Guided tour
One of the first days I was taken for a tour around the project. The person guiding me was phoning the next visiting place warning we were coming. This created unnatural scenes in the pre school and the medical centre.
For me it created a false scene which anybody could tell it was not real. It is bad advertisement. It shows a lack of confidence.
Honestly I don't why because later when I returned everything always was OK.
Standard IV a

In the beginning when I entered the office headquarters there was always made a remark in Bangla that there was a volunteer. This was rather annoying and again honestly I don't know why.
Laughing and joking during worktime is normal!
I had the impression they were sincerely doing their job. Always ready to help or explain.
If there is no electricity so what, there isn't much you can do about.

The shopkeeper always explained his sales without I had to ask. One day I saw dirty clothes because of dust on the street. I made no remark. Some days later I saw the dust was removed.

Very clean, always.
Standard V

Food for thought coupons
I learned that not every students/parents accept these coupons.
They use all kinds of reason. I learned also that parents demand more and more.
I think it is a good initiative and that parents should respect this.
Maybe a better way or more frequent way of communication with the neighbourhood could create a relationship of trust between the 2 parties.

I didn't work enough together in class with the teachers to judge who is good or bad. I don't even now what the standard is for a good teacher.
From the workshop I have an idea who is motivated and who is less motivated. From the childrens reaction I saw who is cherised and who is feared.
I did spend a lot of time with them and as persons I all value them.
They are willing to listen and to discuss. They take more classes now there is shortage of teachers.
They ask how they can improve themself.
If you want to break the cycle of poverty through education then your teachers are your capital investment and that should be treated this way and they should offcourse work accordingly.
There was a lot of stress about job security and an Eid bonus not received?
Standard VI

Food in nursery and kindergarden.
I accidently bumped in on a officeworker who went to this places for checking lunch. I could come and saw that everything was correct. The food was prepared as on the list and children were eating.
Everything was clean on every occasion I visited.

Adult training centre above the nursery.
I only went twice in the very beginning, just after Eid vacation.
So my view might be biased.
This place left a rather bad impression on me. Altough there were people sincerely working there were also woman sitting there and not hiding their disinterest. Actually they behaved very annoyed and arrogant.

Adult training (English and computer) in EK school
Very motivated people (most of them) who sincerely want to learn English and computer.
I was very pleased to see this.
Those who didn't pass testing were not allowed on computerclass untill next examination, this as motivation.
I also saw longterm absences here. I think follow up should start immediatly after short time of absence. It is a matter of good practise for your organisation.
Students counselling

Lunch for children
In the beginning I had difficulties with the fact that only some children are getting rice as lunch and others have to eat bread and banana as lunch, the same as breakfast.
The children didn't complain but i felt inequality.
Changes will be implemented.

As an English medium school I at least expect English textbooks for the subject English. In standard II there wasn't any available. in general there is shortage of textbooks so a lot af copying as to be done.
Students Counselling

ECA in liveskills (eca extra curriculum activities)
This is just an idea.
Often when I asked someone to answer in class they said they couldn't answer without even trying. Also when I surveyed examination some choose to look at others' papers instead of trying themself.
I told them they were fooling themself not me or the teachers.
That this are vital liveskills for later when they are adult, then you have to solve problems without looking with your neighbour.
I told them you develop these skills as child partly at school but also at home.
Some understood other gazed and most of them carried on.
Actually the last day of my teaching I asked a student to answer. Apparently she didn't even had her book on the table.
WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!!! Aiming my eyes to heaven asking God for assistance.
Just to indicate that a change in attitude would be helpful for weaker students.

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