Sunday, November 9, 2008


Our two boys and two girls continued following their very populated agenda starting the morning presenting at Al Difayah High School where Gusais Kids did a presentation and where they have been tremendously welcomed and their kids gave goodie bags to our kids.
Then they met Rania Turk, a very dedicated fundraiser, who presented them with Clarins goodie bags as well as 5 complementary tickets for Atlantis, one of the most expensive attractions park in Dubai,... a gift of 750 Dirhams to our kids!
And this day they had the gift of being driven by the tireless Marcelo Taborda who toke us all to the other side of the town to attend Dubai British School that had done a fundraising event having collecting more 2747 Dirhams in a netball match... unfortunately and due to traffic problems, our kids didn't arrive on time to watch the game.
At 4 PM they, (Jewel and the kids), went to a Camel Show with Florence who describes her experience like this...
"The point of having the kids in Dubai was to make them the ambassador of The Dhaka Project and talk in the name of all the children and especially meet the great sponsors and volunteers who have contributed to make them who they are today. But it was also to give them fun and show them that Bangladesh is not the world meaning that by studying and working hard, they will have access to the rest of the world as the passport of freedom. Al Sahra Resort holding the Jumana show invited them for an amazing evening.
Upon arrival camels were ready to take them for a ride in the dunes to reach the falcon camp.
There Pete explained them everything about falcons and did a demonstration only for them. Back to the resort they could be part of the rehearsal of the Jumana show, the only live entertainment combining dance, special effects, projection on dunes and fireworks. As special guests they had an exclusive show around of the installation as the control room, the green room, meeting the performers and also all the machinery under the stage.
After a good dinner, we had the first VIP row reserved for them and they could watch the show. Projection on water screens, laser, pyrotechnic, in front of them, taking place on a huge stage surrounded by a manmade lake. After the show we took pictures with the performers and some of the acrobats played with the kids. We will never forget the spark in their eyes."
Meanwhile, Marcelo and I went to meet Arlene who donated 2000 Dirhams to The Dhaka Project; she has really shown a great commitment to help us, not giving up sending mails till meeting us. A huge thank you to Arlene !
At night we had a live interview on Dubai Eye Radio giving them the latest updates...
Rita, Grace and Zarine donated 150 Dirhams for the lunch on next day at Wild Wadi. Thanks Rita, Grace and Zarine.
A heartful thanks to all who have helped our kids on this amazing day !

Maria Conceicao

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