Monday, November 10, 2008


Mr. Dhanesh Kellapotha, a Srilankan citizen, and Country Director of Dart Express Bangladesh PVT Limited, has been on a visit at The Dhaka Project, one more time.
And as he usually does in each one of his visits, once again he provided a better and different kind of food (Teheri) for all the kids and staff; much more than 500 meals sponsored !
The kids from Pre-School and TDP School were brought to the roof of EK College joining to EK students where a sitting arrangement had been prepared for them all for this special lunch provided by Mr. Dhanesh.
He took a few pictures while he was enjoying his meal with the kids and at the same time witnessing the satisfaction in their faces, as well as feeling rewarded for being helping a worthy cause... a better life for the kids !
A big thank you to Mr. Dhanesh Kellapotha on behalf of our kids who present their special thanks too, for having spent some time with them and for providing them this wonderful meal!
Maria Conceicao

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