Wednesday, November 26, 2008


In last month, October 2008, we have received a few donations along with some more received in November:
  • Thanks to Wanda who donated 3,700 Dirhams.
  • Thanks to the Anonymous donor who left 1,300 Dirhams in Maria's mailbox.
  • Thanks to "The Pilot" who raised valuable funds from a Cookbook Collection - he has donated the allowances left over from the hotels - a large amount
  • Thanks to John who donated 1,500 Dirhams to pay for the entrance tickets to Dubai Aquarium and for meals for our four "Germans" and Jewel. John also offered 125 USD to pay for the change in flying dates from Dubai to Dhaka, which was not required, and has gone towards the general fund.
  • And thanks to our sponsor marathoner Tanvir Shah for his 1000 Dirhams; from which, 700 Dirhams to sponsor a child and 300 towards the project.
All help is precious and counts a lot towards making a difference.
With your help, in November again, we have managed to convert the impossible to possible.

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