Saturday, November 1, 2008


Many have been the items donators for the past days who have contacted us to deliver their donations at our store. The constant commitment of Solange helped by other volunteers in tidying the store speak for this statement; they have been working hard to keep all in the place and organized for the Holiday Sales.
And the following people are just a few who contacted us, a lot of those who have come forward to let their donations:
Barbara Mitchel to offer children's bedding + educational books + toys + hebba stroller w/baby cot.
Christine McKennan intending to offer a large bag of clothing (man/woman) + towels in very good condition.
HP wishing to give us some donations in kind not specified.
Sarah Rickets to offer a box clothing + box toys.
Antje Mahayni to deliver a bag full of shoes for children and adults in very good condition.
Many thanks to these and other countless donators for coming help us.
Also our Friday Garage Sales have been active:
  • 10th OCT - Solange Fortuna and Cintia have run the garage sale having sold items worth of 1.259 Dirhams
  • 17th OCT - Garage sale not run; unfortunately there no volunteers available on this day, meaning that we need more volunteers for these occasions.
  • 24th OCT - Solange Fortuna and Nadia Pereira run the Sale and sold items worth 1,159.00 Dirhams
  • 31st OCT - Maria, Nurul and Solange Pinheiro got 1360,00 Dirhams in the Sale; from this 225,00 were took to Nurul's transport for a few times, so that he helps in tidying and running garage sales.
Thank you to Nadia, Cintia, Solange Fortuna, Fernanda Laco... for having been helping in sales and organizing the donations delivered; and to Solange Pinheiro for the continuous work and even late in the nights taking some time dedicated to tidying our store, and to Nurul Islam the Bangladeshi who emersed from the slums and is working for Emirates Airline in Dubai.
On purpose Solange gives her feedback about Nurul;
"I felt very happy for witnessing this survivor of the great difficulties helping in our Sale and promising to help all Fridays and also Saturdays if possible, his days off. His eyes looked brighter as a new customer bought something. Maria was also in an unlimited happiness, I can assure that I never saw Maria so happy along all the time since I know her. She looks at this man and I feel her happiness for having provided him this new way to someone so human as all of us. I really don't know who was happier; he or her! And I finished this Sale with my heart in flames of joy"
These are the ups and downs of who dedicates to worthy causes like The Dhaka Project!

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