Sunday, November 9, 2008


On this day, thanks to Solange who drove us to the other side of town, the four ambassadors of The Dhaka Project and Jewel have gone to do their presentation at Jebel Ali School.
Thank you Sharon and Lucky Stars, students at this school, for your commitment and dedication towards helping us along the last 3 years on behalf of these and nearly more 600 kids. Thank you Mr. Jonathan Price for allowing them to do fundraise in your school, and to teachers and students of year four as well for all fundraise events.
Then the children went to visit Tanvir Shah in his office to meet a few people who sponsored Tanvir in the marathons he has taken part in. Thanks a lot Tanvir.
From here the children went to Wild Wadi with Jewel, courtesy from Wild Wadi and Tony French who got us 6 complementary tickets. The lunch was sponsored by Arunas Salon beauty workers Grace, Rita and Zarine as referred on the previous day .After lunch Solange drove us to the other side of town to 7DAYS to meet Paul McLennan and also Ali Khaled, who have written so many times about The Dhaka Project... it was very refreshing and I got emotional because 7DAYS has been highly responsible for the kids being present today in their office, making me feel so grateful.
And we rushed this time to Emirates Mall with Solange again driving us to the other side of town to attend another newspaper interview with Adrian from Emirates Business.Meanwhile Wanda joined us to meet the children, and made a donation of 300 Dirhams. Thanks for both, Wanda!Sujon's brother who got a job in Dubai with an agency joined us to see his brother; it was melting hearts seeing the two... unfortunately he is facing difficulties to get salaries paid for his work by the agency for a few months now...The kids went to Dubai Ski to play in the kids' park, thanks to Dr. Nomy who offered us the tickets, being great to see the kids having amusement... and Marcelo came to chaperon the kids with me and Sujon's brother.
Later we went for dinner with Jodie, Cookie, Anas, Mariam and Florence who had Indian food and ice cream waiting for them...!
Exhausted I left the kids with the volunteers; Marcelo and his father made sure I got home with a nice meal to recover energies. When I arrived home I had a great surprise... a familiar car near my door, it seemed Solange's car but it appeared quite impossible I thought...
As going in the warehouse I opened my mouth... My God! Solange after driving us around town in complicated traffic, struggling with the difficulties to find schools or offices and yet she got strength to be for the last 6 hours cleaning the room, preparing bagage to be taken to Dhaka by the kids...
It was hard to believe. I hadn't done any driving and was feeling shattered... this woman is bigger than life, she is truly an unsung hero!
Maria Conceicao

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