Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Such kindness has come from Randy Hulkenberg who has got in touch to report to us that it would be possible to take a suitcase with him yesterday, soon being available at the project in Gawair.
And for sure the most beautiful donated items have been selected, the large possible number to be packed in a suitcase without exceeding the limits... the total room of a suitcase once Randy decided to take his clothes in a small bag to yield the most to our children.
Moreover, Randy offered to collect it from our mezzanine store, better, to collect them, as this entry has been re-written, because later, Captain Randy talked with the First Officer about his task, who willingly decided to take care of one suitcase too. And after returning from Dhaka Randy dropped the two empty suitcases at Maria's house!!!
This kind of willingness is what made the project grow from the roots to the dimension it has now; donations and souls like Captn Randy and the First Officer who flew with him willing to take items to Dhaka, the items generously delivered by countless donators in Dubai and around!
It's much appreciated by us, our donators and specially by the children and their families, when pilots, crew or passengers decide to take a suitcase, (or yield some room in it) from Dubai to Dhaka, permitting us to get donations flowing to where we like them to go, donators seeing in later pictures where their donations are being very useful and those who take the items to feel very rewarded for having done the good !
We express our gratitude to Captain Randy and his Co-Pilot for their commitment, offering all necessary work to get these suitcases full of donated items to our children at The Dhaka Project !!!

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