Sunday, November 2, 2008


Nurul Islam, the Bangladeshi come from the slums through The Dhaka Project to Dubai, in the second weekend of his new life has done a lot of work in the Holiday Sale but not only.
After the sale, he has been invited to a party where Maria had her hands on before being forced to take some rest after almost one day flight followed by an intensive day of work in the mezzanine store.
But the high Nurul's moment has unexpectedely happened on Saturday!
The volunteer ladies: Aline taborda, Fernanda Laco, Luciana Takagi, Renata Herman, Solange Piñeiro and Maria with Nurul
Beside having participated in the Saturday Garage Sale, (Nurul and Maria have run it together and got sales worth of 590.00 Dirhams), Nurul had a pleasant surprise!
In these two pictures, we can see the husbands. The diference between them is due to the need of a photographer: Marcelo Taborda, Leonardo Herman, André Takagi / Manoel Piñeiro with Nurul
Solange had decided to prepare a lunch in her house as a welcoming party specially dedicated to Nurul, having invited the volunteers so that they could witness and share the joy possible to be observed in our Founder Maria, and of course in Nurul, a happiness never seen along the last months, having Solange, once again felt highly rewarded for observing such a change, according to her words and surely all other volunteers have felt the same.
In this lunch he was introduced to the members of the TDP Team who attended the lunch, some of those who have run the Garage Sales for the last months and worked very hard tidying the mezzanine, organizing donations for sale, packing suitcases, carrying them to old CBC, and so on...
... saying better, The Brazilian Team !
Tanvir Shah and Nurul Islam
And there was another guest, someone who we have mentioned a few times for always showing on the mood of pouring his sweat on behalf of The Dhaka Project children, by running in several marathons; Tanvir Shah.
So, sponsor and sponsored had an opportunity to hug themselves; the Indian survivor of the marathons and the Bangladeshi survivor of the slums !
Let's hope more people can get a better life through the work done at The Dhaka Project !!!

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