Thursday, November 27, 2008


From Dhaka Team in the field.
onya Akter - Grade: STD-3 ID: 424
Last month I went to Germany. This was the first time I went abroad. It was a great chance for me to go to Germany. I went there with my three friends and one of our teachers. In the fixed day we arrived at the airport. After finishing immigration work we entered into the plane. It was my first plane journey. I was so excited about the journey. My heart started to beat fast when a nice airhostess said that the plane was going to fly. But I was so surprised when I found that the plane was flying in the sky. We landed in Dubai. Then we changed the plane.
At 12.00 AM Mr.Berthold received us at the airport. And then we went to Bianca's house. It is situated in Bonn. The house was decorated with many colors. There were so many flowers around the house. We visited some of the schools. We talked about The Dhaka Project and the life of Dhaka. Then we visited the forest . In the forest we saw beautiful trees, pigs and deer.
On the next day we went to Koln. There we saw a big church, chocolate museum and the next day we went to Phantasy Land. There we had a lot of fun. We went Rine River. Then we left Germany and went to Dubai.
In Dubai there were so many programmes for us. We visited Dubai School. We talked about our school, what we do in Bangladesh. We visited the highest building of the world, Jumana Show, and in a desert. Then we went to a beach and we made a lot of fun there. We went to water Phantasy Land, Dubai Mall, Dubai Ski. It was a very enjoyable time that I will never forget. I think it was a great chance for me.

Mossarraf - Grade: Std-5 Roll: 465
Our flight was on the 24th October in the morning. And it was very exciting because it was my visit abroad by plane. And we flew from Bangladesh to Dubai over the India and the Arab Sea. And then we flew from Dubai to Germany. The flight was very comfortable and the cabin crews were very good with us. We dropped Dusseldorf at 9.30 PM in Germany time. And that night we went to Bianca's house who invited us. And she kept our girls' in her house. We the boys' were at Berthold's house. We slept in Berthold's house very well. We woke up at 6.00 o'clock in the morning and we took our breakfast. We went for a walk in the forest. We saw different kinds of trees and fruit. That day we went to the office also and met all the staff of HELP. They were very nice. After that day we went to a park and saw there wild pigs, deer, and some other animals.
On the 27th October we had a presentation. We did it very well. After that we went to enjoy Jantaetie drama with our teacher. We learnt some creative things from there. We came back to the hostel. Then we went to the biggest mountain of Bonn. It was 278 meters high. We made a picnic there. We walked a lot.
On the 29th October, it was a very cold day. We went to the office very early. We met with a girl named Agatha. We walked around the city with her. It was a funny day with her. We went to the green house, biggest church in Bonn, River Rine and a very costly market. And we bought some general materials from there. We rode on the ship.
On the 30th October we went to DW radio for an interview. We did very well. That day we took our lunch from their restaurant by three tickets. And at night there was a Halloween Party in Germany. We went every house and we collected chocolate. We had a Bangla dinner at Bianca's house.
In the 2nd of November, 2008 we went to Koln to see the biggest church of the Germany and to the chocolate theater. We saw the chocolate is made and we eat a lot of chocolate there.
On the 3 rd November we went to the Phantasy Land. That was the most exciting day in Germany. We rode on the bog big roller coaster and mister castle. I liked the mister castle . It is a high tower like 30 stored building. They took us in high of the tower and jell down. There is a jelling.
And 4th of November we went to Dubai and we spent 5 days there. We met with Maria and other volunteers. We went to the beach, Dubai Ski, Snow Park. We lived in one of our volunteer's houses. We went to the four schools, Dubai British School, Dubai Gem School, Jebel Ali Primary School and Al Daipli High School. We had presentation there. We got some gifts from there. Also we met with Mr. Nurul Islam. We visited lots of places with him. I like Germany most because it is a little bit cold. And it is totally silence and the people are very friendly.
I like Dubai also. It is busy city. There are different countries of people live there. Most of the people were from India, and Pakistan and some of other countries. And they are making the highest tower in the world.

Sujon Ishaq - Grade: Std-5 Roll: 23
I am Sujon Ishaq. I went to Germany with my three friends and one of our teachers. It was a great chance for me and it was my first journey by plane. When I heard that the plane was going to fly, I felt it so exciting. Then the plane flew to the sky and landed in Dubai for changing the plane. After changing the plane we landed in Germany. Then Mr. Berthold came to receive us. And he took us at Bianca's house. Then me, my mate Mossarraf and my teacher Mr. Jewel were at Berthold's house. My mates Sabina and Annonya were at Bianca's house.
Then we went to Germany for program. We did a lot of things like we told about The Dhaka Project, the life in Dhaka, a story about a river, a Bangla song etc. We made another three programes like this. The middle of the days of the three programes, we went to the Park Zoo, and the biggest Church of Germany, the highest Mountain of Bonn, the Chocolate Museum, the river, and Phantasy land. So Germany is a outstanding country. I like it very much and I want to go Germany again.

Dubai Trip
After leaving Germany we went to Dubai. We landed in Dubai at night. Maria, Florence and Solange came to receive us . Solange took us to her house. Maria was happy to see us and said to us, "My child comes in Dubai. I can not believe my eyes". In the morning we went to Dubai Gem Primary School for a program. Here we performed three more programmes. We visited the highest Building of the world, the biggest and expensive hotel of the world, the beach, Dubai mall, Emirates mall, and the Pam hotel. We visited desert for riding on camel and for Jumana Show. It was a nice show for me. We went to Dubai Ski and Wild Wadi. It was my first trip abroad. We made a lot of fun there.
Now I would like to thank all the donors, volunteers and specially Maria. Because she did a lot for us, Thank you every one.

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