Wednesday, November 26, 2008


New food distribuition plan from Dhaka Team in the field:
Purchase :

  • After surveying the Gawair Bazar and Tongi Bazar the estimation is made.
  • Market will be surveyed on weekly basis before every purchase.
  • Purchase will be done twice a month so that change in food price doesn’t affect the bill significantly.
  • The shopkeeper will deliver the food to the project demolishing the risk factor of carrying the food to the project.


  • Packaging will be done in the office.
  • School proctor will be supervising the employees directly and will be in charge while the packing goes on.
  • 5 staffs along with Canteen Manager will be doing the packing.
  • The whole packing will take 2 working days approximately.


  • The distribution system is unique and will neither be copied or followed from any other store
  • All 5 school days of attendance will earn them the whole package
  • Each day of absence will count as reduction in the amount of food per day.
  • Food will be distributed weekly on every Saturday after school.
  • The teachers will help the staffs to distribute the food efficiently.
  • The extra food remaining after distribution will be kept untouched until further direction.
  • 10 staffs with the teachers will do the whole distribution.


  • Food prices depend on the global market.

  • The number of students will vary from session to session


The average total attendance increased by 8%. Few students who were not coming for the last few weeks got back to school and attending regularly. Parents are now more concerned about their child’s attendance. We assume to get more students back and maintain proper attendance of the school.

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