Sunday, November 2, 2008


Lynda Clark is a volunteer who has been working in the action field at The Dhaka Project, for long periods in July 2006 and July 2008 as already referred in this blog.
But for our surprise we came to know that she hasn't just been a voluntary only in the field at The Dhaka Project, instead she is continuously on the move, motivated by the way she misses the TDP students and is always making plans to visit them.
She dedicates some of her time, day by day, to the project kids, while being a student teacher in Canterbury Christ Church University!
And, shame on us for discovering it so late, we felt thrilled because she has been running this beautiful initiative since the first time she's been volunteering in Dhaka, two years ago, having collected pretty much funds that she used during her second time in Dhaka to buy teaching material and resources for her lessons in TDP as well as stationary and other items for the stutents.
And how have we got to know about all this ? She created a website fully dedicated to fundraising to The Dhaka Project, offering card sales and other items to raise funds; the website address is or and we strongly recommend you to visit it!
This is really good news to keep us motivated by seeing a finalist fundraising money for us, now that we are very close to have added expenses in Dubai with registration, being obligated to pay pretty cash every year added to the rent of an office to keep it legally registered.
Thank you Lynda for this beautiful work you have been running along these years, on behalf of our students at The Dhaka Project.

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