Sunday, November 30, 2008

Half Yearly Exam @ The Dhaka Project

The first Half Yearly Examination of the schools under The Dhaka Project started today, 29th November 08. The candidates were students of Class 1 to Class 6. For the Kindergarten students marking are done on daily interaction with the teachers by which the teachers make a note of their understanding capability.

The kids were excited to attend the exam as they came earlier then their usual timing. First they were given breakfast, bread and Banana, then at 10.00 am the examination started. As this was the first time that they were sitting for a 2 hours exam the teachers initially took 15 minutes to make the students understand the question paper. A few students got scared but gained the flow of writing by seeing other students answering with speed. As far as English exam the kids learned the basic English which includes Grammar, Vocabulary, solving Comprehensions and sentence structure.

The teachers were surprised to see the kids finishing the exam within the first hour. The Authority have already talked with the Principles not to allow the kids to leave the class until 12.00pm and ask the kids to revise as much as possible for the next exam. The kids will leave the building at 12.30 and will again come at 2.00 pm to revise for the next day’s exam.

We hope that the attendance will be consistent during the exam so that we get to know the performance of the kids. And the suggestion from a member of the Admin team which was to organize a “One to One Parents Teachers Meeting”, really increased the faith in the parents about our project’s education quality.

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