Saturday, November 1, 2008


Another Uschi's child is going to celebrate one more birthday today, 1st November.
This is the second time this year that this family takes the opportunity of a birthday to help The Dhaka Project children.
By searching this blog you can find Malou who donated all birthday gifts to help our children.
Today, is Jean who is going to have his birthday party and also he invited his friends to offer funds to our charity instead of having his birthday presents, giving up the pleasure of opening them as every children like to do in special days like this.

And our children prepared a present to Jean, as seen on the right!

Also our children prepared a surprise to Jean ... please click here to see it or click below to see it in this page !
A grateful thank you to Jean, and best wishes of a happy birthday and a beautiful party.
Our thanks also go to his mum, Uschi Irani, on behaof of our kids !!!
Update: Jean fundraised the wonderful sum of 3500 AED, that hopefully he will have the added pleasure to hand in Maria's hands very soon.
Well done Jean!!!

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